About Us

Who are we?

Are you looking for a website designing and/or website marketing company that will understand your needs and preferences? Well, look no further. Digital Dharmapuri is a company that has been established over 9 years ago specifically for the purpose of providing quality website designing and marketing services. We are a company that specializes in three areas. They are digital marketing services, web designing services, and e-commerce website development services. Our motive is to bring digitalization to our native rural area as well.

What do we do?

Our digital marketing services include a variety of platforms. Some examples of what we can help you to accomplish are placing advertisements on search engine platforms like Google and Bing and placing advertisements on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We can help you to place advertisements on these platforms such that they will be what potential customers see immediately. We also provide search engine optimization services for websites to help you pop up as number one on search results!

If you do not have a website yet, then do not worry! We can help you design a web site that suits your needs and preferences. You can go over your expectations with our web designing professionals, and they will take care of the rest. We are focused on customer care, and we want to help you establish a good online presence for your company.

If you are looking at getting into the e-commerce business, we can help you develop a website. We help develop single vendor and multi-vendor e-commerce shopping websites.

Some of the technologies that are used by us are HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery, PHP, Codelgiter 3 & 4, and Laravel 8.xx. As you can see, we have experience using many different types of software, and can help you establish a website of great quality and/or help with the marketing of your company.

Why should you choose us?

We can help you design and develop a website for your company no matter the amount of time that has surpassed. If you have an established company, our experts can help you to develop your website to the next level. If you are a startup, we have special services just for you. These can help solve the most important issues that come up when starting a company and establishing an online presence.

We make sure to put you and your business first. From the initial assessment, we make sure to gather plenty of information that will help us to gain a solid understanding of you, your business, and any stakeholders. Only by doing this can we not only meet but can exceed your expectations.

We have completed over 146 projects, and have been in this business for over nine years. Our services come with a year of technical support. All of our projects start off with a law agreement. Contact us today for all your website designing and marketing needs.