Static Website Design Services

A static website is one in which the web pages have fixed content in them. Every time any visitor clicks on the site, the same information will be shown. This type of website design is basic and effective, and it is usually preferred by local businesses and smaller businesses.

Our Process:

If you are looking for a website designer in Dharmapuri, we can help. When you first contact us, we can provide you with a consultation in which we will understand your needs and preferences. We will ask you questions regarding your purpose, your company, and your mission. We will analyze this, and tell you the best type of design that will suit your needs.

With a static design, each of the pages will display identically regardless of who is using it. If we believe that a static website design is right for you, we will go ahead and provide you with a blueprint of the website. This blueprint will have a basic layout of the vision we have for your company’s website. We will provide you with a blueprint that is attractive and is in line with what you want for your company. It is generally believed that people choose a static website design due to it not being able to afford the dynamic type of website design. However, we see this type of design as an affordable web design that is apt for its purpose.

You can suggest any changes you would like, and then we will go ahead with designing and developing it. In static designs, HTML technology is used to code the pages of your website. Once the design is completed, the website will be launched. Our company will continue to help you with optimization even after the launch. We strive to not only meet the expectations of our customers but to exceed them.

Why Static Design:

  • Easy to launch and optimize
  • All web hosts support HTML technology
  • Provides a good mobile experience across a range of devices
  • Less expensive and faster to launch than a dynamic website
  • Simple navigation
  • Fast downloading of content
  • Very search engine optimization friendly
  • The pages are identical whenever they are accessed

If you have a local business or are looking for a website design that will suit different mobiles, choosing a static design would be the best way to go. Our experts can help you design a website according to your preferences. You can contact us today for a consultation in which you can discuss your vision with our professionals. They can help transform your dream website into a reality.